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Apartment 1


  • minimum rental time 1-year - price 850/month

  • size 69,2m2

  • 1st floor

  • Spacious living room

  • Dining area

  • Kitchen

  • Master bedroom (king size bed)

  • Second Bedroom (160cm wide bed)

  • 2 Bathrooms 

  • private terrace (4,5m2), in a courtyard

Entrance from a "new" part (from 50') of the building (Jaama street).

The apartment is like new. 
Apartment comes with:

  • full size wardrobe in the hallway (made by Sunorek Tank)

  •  fully equipped new kitchen (dish washer, owen, cooker, fridge), lots of storage space (Kitchen furniture made by Arens)

  • dining area with dining table and chairs (Scandinavian vintage)

  • living room area with: a new sofa made by Oot-Oot. Original Scandinavian vintage coffee table and a sideboard. Handmade kelim carpet on the floor (new)

  • Stylish lights

  • Teak blinds and linen curtains (made by Sunorek) with pearl tiebacks (handmade in Hungary)

  • Master bedroom with a king size bed (new), full size wardrobe (made by Sunorek Tank) and private bathroom

  • Second betroom with 160cm wide bed.

  • Secondary bathroom

  • Separate closet for 2in1 washer&dryer

  • Concrete floors and ca 5m high seilings

  • readiness for internet

Additional costs (paid equally by m2):

utilities like: electricity, water, waste, snow removal (only when there is a need) etc.

Additional possibilities in case of availability:

  • parking space (30€/month)

  • storage room (25€/month)


  • Contract fee 400€

  • 1 months rent in advance

  • 2 months fee for deposit 

  • fixed term contract

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