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Who we are and how this project came alive

This is not our first project. We have been real estate developments for years - respected and trusted in what we do. It is not a job, it is our passion. Every time we finish a project, we promise to ourselves to take a pause, at least for 5 to 10 years, and then it happens again! Something beautiful or intriguing comes up and we can't stay away! So it has become our life style, always keeping our hands busy with creating something. 

How we "ended up" doing this beautiful estate...

For years we had passed by this beautiful, over 100 (built 1887) years old mansion, wondering who owns it and what might be the reason for it to be let down so awful way. Over 10 years, each time passing by, one of us mentioned that we love this grand building and what we’d do with it if we’d had a chance!

Well, our dream came true. It happened so that at year 2017 we a-crossed info that the house is put out for an auction!

We made our bet and won - it was a destiny! 
Renovating this old, totally let down estate, has been crazy hard work, there were trees growing on the walls! We are perfectionists, idealists, pedants and maximalists! It has been intensive team work: Tom (the developer) and Ramul (Tom’s brother - an architect) organising, controlling EVERYTHING related to the renovation, building and permits. They let to re-do things million times till satisfied with the result! 

​Me (Helina) with my interiors and visions - I had specific style in mind, AND specific residents as well! As it often happens, my style and visions are costly and hard to find. But, it is worth it once the residents move in - they love it!
We’ve travelled around the world, seen many different cultures and understand what one needs when away from home - cozy and comfortable environment! That is why 20 apartments were setup furnished, ready for moving in, - and waiting for the residents who are looking for a long term rentals - appreciate clean and elegant style. 

We have maintained the house’s characteristics maximum way, in most apartments you’ll find old red brick or limestone walls, yet the ceiling and the floors are simple concrete.

The location for the apartments is perfect for people who do not have car license but would like to live at rural area, yet get to Capital Tallinn city centre most convenient way - by train, which is 1 minutes walk from the apartments and take You to old town in half an hour.

In around 200 meters radius, there is everything one needs for comfy living: a beautiful Park, cool restaurant JÄÄ and I'OO beauty salon at first floor, several stores, kinder garden, a school, brewery, grocery stores, Keila City hall, pet store and clinic, drug stores etc.

In around few kilometer radius, one will find several horse stables, a Niitvälja Golf Course etc. 
About 10 kilometers away is a beautiful sea front (Kloogarand).




Helina Saarniit

Has an excellent eye on details and design.
Passionate person with strong character. 


Toomas Saarniit

Finance, engineering and sharp mind describe this man's character most accurate. A visionary  who sets goals and goes for his dream till all achieved - with honour.

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